The 1st innovative training in integrative health open to all.

Tomorrow’s health, how do you see it ?

Hyperconnected ? Hyperhuman ? Or both… ?

Designed for health care professionals, medical and paramedics, therapists, coaches, consultants, managers, leaders, and anybody interested by the approach.

A certified training

with the iSi and Nathalie Geetha Babouraj

The Bulle Essentielle / 2 days
  • A training in integrative health : the best of
  • Paris/6th and 7th July (french)
  • Guadeloupe/Last trimester 2018 (french)
  • Soon the dates in english in 2019
The Bulle Essentielle / 2,5 days
  • An immersion in ayuveda, meditation and yoga
  • Drôme/9th 10th and 11th november 2018 (french)
  • Guadeloupe/7th 8th and 9th december 2018 (french)
  • Soon : the 2019 dates in english
The Bulle Sensorielle / 10 jours
  • Training in integrative health and ayurveda
  • Kerala, India/ 20th till 30th september 2018 (french)
  • 24th jan to 3rd feb 2019 (fr) / 26th sept to 6th oct 2019 (en)


  • A certificate from the iSi (with a french trainer registration number) will be given to participants of a Bulle (2 days or 10 days)
  • A certification from the iSi is delivered when you attain the 2 Bulles Essentielles of 2 days and the Bulle Sensorielle of 10 days, after an interview.
  • The Bulles can be done in the order you want, within 2 years to get the certification.
  • Each Bulle can be done either A la carte, or in the certification pathway.

Les Bulles extrasensorielles

With Nathalie and guest

The Bulles Extrasensorielles are out of the cursus experiences that can be an opening, or a deepening ot the training La Bulle.

The Co-Gi-bulle​
With Olivier Maurel
  • 1,5 hours from Paris/ Training in ayurveda and collective intelligence
  • 4 days/ 2018 resolutions in the nature
  • 18th to 21st january 2018
  • French
The Bulle Aventure
With Pascal Proust
  • Guadeloupe/ Original cocreation of health rituals and adventure in nature
  • 2 days/ tropical forest experience and bivouac
  • 5th and 6 th may 2018
  • French and English
The Bulle Fasting and rejuvenation
With Michelle Laurent
  • Guadeloupe/ Ayurveda, naturopathy and fasting
  • 1 week/ Health and rejuvenation
  • 14th to 21st July 2018
  • French
The Carribean Masala
With Nadia Martial
  • Guadeloupe/ Ayurvedic detox and cure
  • 4 days/Rejuvenation and colors of summer
  • 5th to 19th august 2018 : select 4 days
  • French
The Bulle la Quintessence
With Carine Baudry
  • North India + Nepal/Ayurveda and awakening of the senses with tea
  • 10 days/ Sensory rejuvenations
  • 8th to 19th october
  • French

More surprises

An on-line integrative program in English
The 2019 dates soon soon soon
And English bulles to come
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