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Nathalie’s trainins are inspired by her books but not only !!!

The bulles have their own surprises.

An original method based on the principles of integrative medicine and the awakening of the 5 senses and the inner pharmacy, to feel good.

We are looking for an English publishing house. Are you the one ??? Let’s connect !

Hypnosis and meditation : rivals or partners ?

Health- Hypnosis. Yes, a word you can ear in french hospitals. Meditation. Another word which has the wind in the sails. These 2 approaches are offered to the general public, by education of the health care givers to integrative health.

Tactics to Optimize the Potential and CardioBioFeedback in Stress Management: The French Experience

Systematic Approaches to Evaluation and Integration of Eastern and Western Medical Practices

The iSi : What is it ?

When i was an intern, i chose general medicine as a speciality because i couldn’t see myself in one organ my whole life… My indian roots and my atypical path healped me look at medicine in a different and broader way

Heal with mind-body approaches : for an integrative strategy

Western medicine is successfull in many ways, and collaborates more and more with complementary approaches.

Medical school of Montpellier

Medical thesis of Dr Nathalie Geetha Babouraj, October 2018-03-24

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