The iSi Guest book…

“A huge thanks to all those beautiful souls for their trust and their authenticity to be themselves in this crazy world…”
Nathalie Geetha

The precious testimonials of the participants…

Ayurvedic afterwork at Nata center in Paris

“A colored and lively balm, full of softness and benevolence, sacred and gratitude for the Sacred

As long as i am cut from the divine by the way i nourrish myself, i am distant from my divine essence and maintain dis-ease.

To respect and walk along my primal intelligence, as you said, is a choice i can make to contribute to the harmony of the world. Since all the beings of creation are connected.”


“Thank you Nathalie, the magician and source of creative inspiration… “

– Cécile, explorer of the air

“I had the chance to integrate La Bulle de santé intégrative with Nathalie and at the sape time discover Anne and Jean-Philippe, from the eco-farm Le Bouchot. What a wonderful place ! I felt you lived in harmony with the whole nature : body, mind and soul. You nourrished me with another view of life i cherish : the one inspired by Pierre Rabhi.

His association, « Le colibri ». Your pets, your vegetabe garden, where nature is abundant and generous, your daughters… The wole Bouchot tribe : thank you ! Nathalie and Sebastien : thank you !!! “

– Nadia : Fan de Pierre Rabhi

Corporate interventions :

From the french football fedaration (FFF) :

When football gets integrative !

Great testimony of Franck Thivilier, from the FFF, after the iSi’s intervention on integrative health and performance :

” Since the 2 last seasons, the national tactics director of the FFF, Mr François Blaquart, has created a performance optimization cell focusing on mind-body technics. I had the chance to lead it. In this research, we collaborate with experts to help us with mental performance. Through her relevant interventions to coach candidates , Nathalie Geetha Babouraj managed to question their attitudes and behaviours. She opens an inspiring field of reflexions around health, marked with modernity and traditions, and practical rituals. A great moment of introspection that I recommand !

Un magnifique moment d’introspection que je recommande !”

Franck Thivilier – National trainer of the FFF
Coordinator of the Performance optimization cell

They love dit !

These « Charlie’s angels » have created the positive pedagogy, tools inspired by positive psychology (and the best seller that goes with it). They testify…

5 coaching workshops at workplace with the iSi and

Audrey Akoun

Isabelle Pailleau

Jessica Hollander

Sophie Grasset

Carole Giraud

“A real joy to work with the iSi, magic and professionalism are there, i recommend 1000%, you won’t be disappointed !”

– Youmna Tarazi, consultant, speaker and coach in self-image and visual coherence

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