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If you have a question, please check the Q&A section below.

If you have a question concerning the programs i give, you can write to me:  nathalie.g.babouraj(a) with a few lines on you, your path and what infos you need. I’ll answer as soon as i can.  Due to the amount of requests i am receiving, i won’t have time to answer you questions that are in the Q&A sections. Hope to meet you in person soon!

Nathalie Geetha

Frequently Asked Questions…

Thank you for your interest in the iSi

We receive many emails daily, so i’ve organized the FAQ so that you can get your answer. Thank you for Reading them before sending your message.

Since we are short in time, i will be able to answer you only for questions connected to the activities of the iSi.

Happy journey to you !

Nathalie Geetha

Do you give private consultations in Paris ?

No i no longer work as a private MD.

I have chosen to accompany people on their path as a teacher, with empowerement tools, with the training i have created, as La Bulle. It’s proposed in différents countries in Europe, India and little french west indies. In french, but also in English. You’ll find all the infos on the tab SERVICES

Is there a physical place we can visit in Paris ?

No, the iSi is mobile. In this vision, the idea is to export health in atypical places to think and experiment out of the box. Getting out of our confort zone is perfect to discover new habits.

If you want to follow us in our health world tour, let’s stay in touch with the inspiration Bulle, the iSi newsletter you can subscribe at the bottom of this page.

Do you have therapists you could advise to me ?

I invite you to do your own research, and follow your intuition to find the best person to accompany you. I can’t give advice to people i’ve never met for real.

Do you have yoga/ayurveda centers you can advise me in India ?

There are so many different centers, and your intentions are very special to you. Like the question about a therapist, i can only invite you to follow your intuition. That’s how i proceed when i visit centers for my trainings : I put an intention, meditate and ask google, and it works pretty well !

Nathalie Geetha
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