How about you ? How do you live your health ?

  • Hyperconnected and hyperhuman ? With the possibility of rejuvenating with your inner ressources ?
  • Inspired by modern technologies and ancient wisdoms ?
  • In harmony with nature ?
  • With purpose, joy, creativity and playfulness ?
  • Not only in a medical setting ?
  • Health rimes with the verb to feel, and to awaken to your 5 senses ?

There are many chances that you already think as an « integrative mind » !

With the iSi, I invite you in 2018 in a unique and original training on « tomorrow’s health : Hyperconnected ? Hyperhuman ? Or both … ? »

Open to anyone curious about his health, and driven by an inner call to take better care of you, of the others, and of the planet.

If you want to join us, it’s here !

See you soon !

Nathalie Geetha

My key-words ?

Consulting, training, La bulle, creative health, intelligent nutrition, dance, nature, ayurveda, rejuvenation, empowerement, meditation

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